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Ashish Grover

CIO, Falabella Group

“Falabella India is a powerful unit, a goldmine of emerging technologies. When we set up office in India in 2018, the team was small in number, but bigger and stronger on our dreams and passion.

Today, India is the place where we plant the seeds of innovation for Falabella. It’s a unique team with an admirable strength of diversity, the force of advanced tech-driven thinking and superior talent making a huge impact, which is leading a disruptive transformation in Latin America with technology. The team’s quest for innovation knows no bounds, and are dedicated to help people simplify and enjoy their lives more.  

As we continue to redefine the retail-landscape globally, we are excited for the key role India will play in this transformation.”

Ashutosh Dabral

MD, Falabella India

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Falabella India is rightly situated in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore. Our space is where creativity grows, where novel thinking thrives and where people feel welcome to work. We flourish in a start-up-like work culture with an environment brimming with new ideas, along with best-in-class amenities and invigorating work culture.
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Empowering our people to do more


At Falabella India, we are personally invested in the lives of our people and want each of our associates to feel welcome, to feel encouraged and to look forward to working with Falabella.

Flexible Leave Policy​

Advanced Employee Insurance Plans

Employee Assistance Programs

Work From Anywhere Policy*

Paternity and Maternity Leaves

Short-term Incentive Plan

In-house Spanish Classes

Professional Courses and Certifications

Annual Health Checkups

Gender Transition Surgery

In-office meals and snacks

Educational Reimbursement

Internet Allowance

Advantage Club

Paid Time Off

Constructive Culture

Learning and Development

Falabella recognises the impact education and skill development make in taking professionals to the next level in their journey. We are dedicated to making our professionals the best in the industry by giving them every opportunity to upskill and raise higher in the hierarchy. We enable our employees to be the best technology curators with the right training and guidance helping them build superior skill sets to be relevant and competitive in the evolving world.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Team Falabella is our people; their thoughts, ideas, behaviours and so much more! It’s as diverse as our world can be and how we make it worthwhile, is with inclusion.

Our goal at Falabella is to ensure that all our employees, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other fundamental characteristic, achieve a sense of belonging that encourages them to bring out their best and authentic selves at work. Inclusion is important, not only because it gives each person the opportunity to grow, but also because it helps us to become customer representatives, which enriches our value proposition and brings us closer to them.

Falabella Integrity Channel
Our integrity channel is an open platform where anyone can register an ethical enquiry or a complaint. It is also a safe place to voice concerns and doubts about any discriminatory actions by anyone. The channel works to clear such doubts, resolve any complaints and also conduct training and workshops to bolster a healthy and non-biased workspace.

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Making a difference



Together, we can make all the difference in the world!

We believe in bettering the world for all, consciously. Falabella is rooted in the community with our constant, robust, and impactful efforts to give back to society. We trust in doing good for people at large through the combined efforts of everyone here at Falabella. We focus our CSR activities on empowerment via initiatives in helping children with quality education, supporting women, lending a hand to aid impoverished children, and partnering with various NGOs in their larger mission. By integrating sustainability into our business strategy, we always work to create a positive social and environmental impact.

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A World Full of Opportunities

We Grow ❤
Together we learn, evolve, and better ourselves with challenges that help us grow every day!

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