Gifting the joy and opportunities of learning

We have worked collaboratively with several NGOs to support the educational empowerment of children. Some of our efforts toward education include- building science centres in government schools, creating awareness about STEM learning, contributing to teachers’ training, and aiding in the infrastructural development of schools. We also helped NGOs adapt and transform learning resources during the pandemic to support education when schools were shut. Our support was key in developing a multi-modal approach with online and offline means, to achieve the NGOs’ objective of building a flexible learning model with all the necessary material. We have also been focused on supporting schools in frontiers like school transport, study material, uniforms, health and wellness and training and remuneration for teachers.

Environmental Consciousness

Above and beyond, for our One Earth

We are working in association with organizations targeted towards carbon negativity and carbon-neutral initiatives. We have taken up restoration and afforestation of 10 acres of land called the Falabella forest. In addition to that, our employees enjoy unusual perks and incentives in the form of trees planted in their name with geo-tagging in the Falabella Forest.

Women Empowerment

Education = Empowerment

At Falabella, we believe that women’s empowerment is inevitable in building a better and balanced world. By educating and empowering women, our focus is to nurture robust, capable and, more sustainable communities.

Women empowerment encompasses multiple components, but the power to make a change, stems from education. Thats why we must explore diverse ways to embed education as one of the most important priorities in a woman’s life. Be it vocational trainings, awareness programs or career coaching, there must be exposure to learning and opportunities which can transform their lives.

For Falabella, we place education and women empowerment close to our heart as strategic priorities, because its the best way to uplift and do greater good for the communities.

A World Full of Opportunities

We Grow ❤
Together we learn, evolve, and better ourselves with challenges that help us grow every day!

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