The Diversity and Inclusion Vision

Gender Equity and Equality

We have more than 800 women working in executive positions in our company​

Sexual Diversity

With more than 1100 members in the LGBT+ Community, we maintain a diverse and open talent pool.

Valuing the ability of people with disabilities

Always striving to eliminate barriers within the organisation, we prioritise individual talents and skills over physical shortcomings​

Employees in Falabella India
Women in Falabella India workforce
1 %
of executive positions are handled by women
1 %
Female executives in our connecting women network
1 +

Falabella India is the home to people from every background

Our people analytics team also analyses the numbers and statistics in our built-up to identify risks and opportunities that in turn help in enhancing our decision-making potential. Diversity and customer representation within the workforce allow us to improve our talent management and plan our human resource policies and activities for better utilisation of talent.

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