Corporate Operations

Driving excellence through innovation across businesses ​​

Excellence lies in our DNA and it reflects in our operations too! We constantly drive to maintain the best facilities for our people. A blend of convenience, safety, modern amenities, technological advancement, and hygiene makes for a pleasant workspace where employees thrive with their hearts and minds always in the game. We prioritize all operational requirements to cater to the needs of all departments in order to escalate business functionality smoothly. Effective communication and strong working relationships across all channels form the crux of our operational efficiency.


As the linchpin for Falabella, the Finance team here is a key driving force in optimizing everyday costs across retail channels and formulating profitable business strategies that ultimately make our businesses thrive across countries with maximum profitability in every proposition. The Finance team leads all financial decision-making based on deep analytics and a detailed study of every business’s retail model. The finance team curates all financial strategies and manages the operating systems to deliver a lucrative proposition for business advancement.

Human Resources

Architects of culture, custodians of our values and drivers of seamless employee experiences. ​​

Our Human Resources team is focused on providing advanced, seamless employee experiences that ensure an inclusive and welcoming work culture at Falabella. The true architects of our diverse talent pool, they effectively manage diverse aspects of our people charter on a daily basis. They are responsible for maintaining a healthy, congenial, and affable work environment, where talent is nurtured, opportunities are plenty and initiative is appreciated. The team inspires and motivates our people to transform Falabella into a disruptive and innovative powerhouse of emerging technologies.

Talent is the fuel that powers the Falabella engine. Strategic talent management is pivotal to navigating today’s hyper-changing landscape. Our Talent Management and Acquisition team works towards attracting, developing, nurturing and motivating our people to equip Falabella with a superior workforce. The team’s approach is building and retaining a diverse work ecosystem driven by opportunities, rewards, and respect.

Corporate Communications

Creators. Innovators. Storytellers! ​​

The Corporate Communications team are the custodians of the Falabella brand. The role of the communication team is to build the company image and communicate with internal and external audiences to maintain a positive reputation in the industry. The biggest asset to any company is its people, and our communication team forges strong ties between the two. We work in collaboration with stakeholders and our business owners to talk creatively and uniquely about our culture, technology, people and much more!

Learning and Development

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you - B.B. King, American Blues Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, and Record Producer” ​​

We are invested in improving the potential of each employee by giving them the right platforms and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Upskilling plays a major part in constantly developing and empowering our professionals for better roles and higher responsibilities. With some flagship initiatives like the Falabella Sponsorship Program, LearnFest and many more, our team is dedicated to helping our people to nurture their talent and grow exponentially.

A World Full of Opportunities

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Together we learn, evolve, and better ourselves with challenges that help us grow every day!

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