Moving Towards Net-Zero: Our Climate Action Journey

Climate Action

At Falabella, we're dedicated to combating climate change on a global scale. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our planet. Therefore, a priority with our sustainability strategy is Climate Action. Our strategic climate action involves improving energy efficiency, incorporating non-conventional renewable energy, and reducing our carbon footprint. Initiatives such as Falabella Forest where our employees volunteer for tree planting days, these initiatives highlight our commitment, empowering employees to take action in this critical journey.
Falabella Food Forest: Falabella Food Forest is a project we started in 2022, located within a rural government school in Devanahalli. This not only restores the ecosystem of the area but also provides year-long supply of fresh fruit to the communities using the schools, especially the children. Over XX employees dedicated XXhours for this year-long volunteering campaign during. As part of the campaign, XX saplings were planted and nurtured, and XX people were educated on sustainable practices.

Fun Fact: The Falabella Forest is geo-tracked, and you too can locate it on Maps!

Embracing a Zero Waste Vision: Our Approach to Circularity and Waste

Circularity and Waste Management

Falabella is steadfast in its commitment to the principles of a circular economy, focusing on efficient resource use. Our initiatives are a testament to this unwavering dedication, as we strive to raise awareness and take concrete actions towards reducing food and paper waste. Through interactive workshops on circularity and waste management, we inspire and empower our community to actively participate in the circular movement. By tracking food wastage, we can proactively address inefficiencies, working tirelessly to achieve the goal of reducing food wastage.

Celebrating Diversity: An Inclusive Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Falabella is our people; their thoughts, ideas, behaviors and so much more! It’s as diverse as our world can be and how we make it worthwhile, is with inclusion.Our goal at Falabella is to ensure that all our employees, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other fundamental characteristic, achieve a sense of belonging that encourages them to bring out their best and authentic selves at work. Inclusion is important, not only because it gives each person the opportunity to grow, but also because it helps us to become customer representatives, which enriches our value proposition and brings us closer to them. Through initiatives and employee resource groups like XX and XX, we foster a culture of respect and dignity, empowering our employees to be the best versions of themselves.

Falabella Integrity Channel: Our integrity channel is an open platform where anyone can register an ethical enquiry or a complaint. It is also a safe place to voice concerns and doubts about any discriminatory actions by anyone. The channel works to clear such doubts, resolve any complaints and also conduct training and workshops to bolster a healthy and non-biased workspace.

Together, we can make all the difference in the world!

Community Impact

Falabella's dedication to community service extends beyond our business. Our volunteer and donation campaigns are a testament to our commitment to giving back.
We believe in bettering the world for all, consciously. Falabella is rooted in the community with our constant, robust, and impactful efforts to give back to society. We focus our CSR activities that align with our business strategy, channeling our efforts into initiatives like Stem Impulsa, which promotes inclusion in the tech industry. Additionally, we actively support community projects that advance technology education, training, and inclusivity.
Partnership with Christel house: Through our partnership with organizations like Christel House, we're improving education for deserving children and creating sustainable impacts in the communities we serve.By integrating sustainability into our business strategy, we always work to create a positive social and environmental impact.

Sustainability Milestones: Our Commitment in Action

Showcasing Our Sustainability Journey

Through the years, Falabella has championed numerous sustainability initiatives. Our sustainability showreel provides a glimpse into the initiatives that have made a significant difference in our communities and the environment, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Impact Counter: Every Action Counts

Tracking Our Impact

Real-time Tracking of Our Eco-friendly Initiatives

At Falabella, we believe in the power of collective action. Our real-time sustainability impact counter reflects the significant changes we've implemented through our initiatives, demonstrating how each effort contributes to a more sustainable world

Number of Plastic Bottles Saved
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Number of Trees Planted
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Children Supported
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Falabella - Building a Sustainable Future Together.
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