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We are a leading conglomerate in Latin America with a multitude of businesses and a wide portfolio of services in retail, real estate, banking, e-commerce, and insurance. A 133-year-old brand that resonates with trust and convenience for every consumer, Falabella is committed to offering deeply personalized, technology-empowered retail solutions tailored to the everyday needs of our customers.

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Our Mighty Presence

9 Countries

Falabella is present in 9 countries globally- Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Mexico, India, China and Argentina.

567 Stores

With over 500 stores, we offer a holistic retail experience fueled with the best-in-class technological advancements that are customer-first.

Our Businesses

Falabella Retail, Home Improvement, Supermarkets, Falabella Financiero, Retailtainment, Linio

Everything we do is about pushing the limits of what technology can achieve and reimagining the world of retail!​

Our Story

Falabella in India

Set up in 2018, Falabella India is the epicenter of digital transformation and technology solutions that fuel the success and growth of Falabella’s businesses in Latin America. Our exclusive talent pool with superior technological acumen, strong digital understanding and creative approaches is the driving force behind the seamless experiences our customers in Latin America enjoy. We innovate with our hearts every day, to give our customers the latest, state-of-the-art retail solutions, empowered by technology. Our teams enjoy the autonomy of working in a competitive and challenging environment, front-ending work to deliver sustainable, high-quality products with the most advanced technology prowess. Creating avant-grade products and tech-leveraged customer services is our superpower.

  • 400+ developers

    Delivering niche technology solutions to achieve the brand’s strategic goals across all business channels.

  • Collaborative Work

    We work in tight collaboration with our on-ground teams in every country to strengthen our omnichannel capabilities.

As the engine taking the lead on every digital business innovation and development across all businesses, our focus lies on delivering customer convenience and digital retail integration.

Our Foundation

What we stand by

The cornerstones of our business are ethics and integrity. Salvatore Falabella built this brand with an unwavering dedication to making customers happy. That’s what defines us – the customer-centric focus of our work, the passion to reimagine and reinvent holistic experiences and the commitment to build a better future with sustainability. With a passion for building innovative technology, value-based growth, and continuous development we create an environment where fresh ideas are generated, nurtured and actioned. Our foundational values always act as our guiding light and we believe that when our people are happy, everything is better!

What we are here for

Our purpose is to Simplify and Enjoy Life More.

The best things in the world are always simple. And Falabella believes in offering the best to our customers, therefore we strive to make experiences simple and enjoyable for all. Our purpose is to simplify and enhance our customers’ shopping experience by improving the quality of their lives with customized solutions and advanced technology.

We rely on our purpose to reimagine customer experiences with agility and innovation.

What makes us unique

Every day, it’s our values that lead us to make the right decisions.
Right decisions to help better the lives of our customers, our people, our communities and the environment we live in.
What makes us unique

Our Purpose

Simplify and Enjoy Life More
Our Purpose

We are all

One Team

We are Passionate

About the Customer

We are


We care for

The future

What defines us

Always a step ahead – that’s what we keep in mind when we design our learning and development opportunities at Falabella. Our people have access to some of the most advanced programs and possibilities to excel and grow. When our people grow, we grow with them and we evolve together.

  • We’re leaders, creators, and innovators.

    Our thought-provoking and inspiring leaders make us a pioneering presence in the Latin American retail industry.
    Meet our leadership team

  • Our legacy of diversity is what defines us.

    When different people converge, they bring in diverse perspectives, thoughts, backgrounds, cultures and more!
    Our Diversity Code

  • We are creators at heart, entrepreneurs in action-driven to architect innovation! In a hyper-competitive world, we constantly work to create something first, something better, something unique and enhance the Falabella Experience.
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Our History

A legacy that’s powering us for the last 133 years, the Falabella brand has forged its mighty name with multiple milestones achieved along the way. With its people, customer experiences and innovation driving the brand forward, Falabella has been transforming, growing stronger, and getting better with time.

The first tailoring store was opened by Salvatore Falabella on Ahumada Street in Santiago, Chile


The next generation transforms the business and takes it to the next level as Alberto Solari joins the company, making the tailoring store into a renowned clothing store.


To grow stronger and spread its wings wider, the business diversifies into household products, laying the foundation for the first department store in Chile. Ahumada Street gains recognition and earns the name “Falabella Street”.


The expansion fervor continues as the first store was opened outside Santiago in Concepcion. 


Diving into finance, Falabella launched the first-of-its-kind, credit card, ‘CMR’, in chile.


Moving to the next level from department stores, the next step was opening its own mall. Mallplaza, the first shopping mall was launched in Chile, Mallplaza Vespucio, in La Florida.


The vision kept getting bigger as the brand fiercely spread its wings. Falabella entered Argentina and Sodimac entered Colombia.


The reigning streak continued as Falabella entered Peru by acquiring Saga.


The giant leap to going Public, as Falabella began trading its shares on the Santiago Stock Exchange.


Viajes Falabella and Seguros Falabella were created. Falabella also entered a partnership with Home Depot in Chile and acquired it 4 years later.


The banking business was added to the legacy by acquiring a license from ING Bank, Chile to form Banco Falabella.


Keeping up with the changing times, Falabella established its digital presence through e-commerce as launched internet sales in Chile.


Tottus supermarket was started in Lima, Peru, enlarging the Falabella empire and family.


Falabella struck another profitable partnership as it merged with Sodimac to launch the first regional home improvement chain in Latin America.


Adding to the streak of mergers and acquisitions, Falabella acquired the San Francisco supermarket chain in Chile.


Falabella retail opened its first department store in Bogota, marking its territory in Colombia.


Growing the Falabella brand presence in Peru, Banco Falabella and Aventura Plaza were launched


Adding to the list of acquisitions and bolstering the Falabella brand and family, Sodimac acquired 60% of the Imperial home improvement chain in Chile


More feathers were added to the hat as CMR formed a partnership with Visa in Peru and Chile, following which, CMR formed a partnership with MasterCard in Argentina and Colombia in 2011


Homy was launched in Chile


Banco Falabella came to Colombia


Continuing the expansion in Colombia, Mallplaza opened the first shopping mall in Colombia


Falabella entered Brazil as it acquired 50.1% of the Dicio home improvement chain


Movil Falabella was launched in Chile


Another acquisition came along to strengthen the brand further as Sodimac Acquired the Maestro home improvement chain in Peru


Hiperbodega Precio Uno was launched in Peru


Aggressively expanding across countries, Sodimac was launched in Uruguay with the opening of its first 2 stores


The first 2 Sodimac Stores were opened in Brazil


A proud achievement as Falabella was admitted into the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index


Dissolution and separation of the Aventura Plaza S.A, in Peru


Adding to its verticals and branches in Mexico, Falabella signed a contract with Soriana to jointly develop Home Improvement (Sodimac) and Financial Services (CMR) businesses in Mexico


The first Falabella Soriana credit card was issued in Mexico and the company acquired 50% of Servicios Financieros Soriana S.A.P.I de C.V.


Falabella India office was started to accelerate innovation and digital integration across Falabella businesses and market channels with the most advanced technical support.


Strengthening its hold in the eCommerce market and bringing the products of Sodimac, Tottus and Falabella brands into the limelight, Falabella acquired Linio, a regional marketplace with a strong positioning in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.


CMR and Banco Falabella join hands in operations to increase their value proposition, adding to the simplicity and convenience for customers and providing an enhanced digital infrastructure.


Extending its niche into the furniture market, Falabella partners with the globally leading and most popular furniture brand, IKEA to open 9 stores in Chile, Colombia and Peru over the coming 10 years.


Falabella agreed to sell Viajes Falabella to Despegar, forming a long-term strategic alliance


Fazil, an on-demand delivery app with a supermarket format, was launched in Chile, extending its presence from Peru where it was piloted in 2019


FPay and Fazil app launched in Chile and Peru


100% digital CMR card was launched in Chile and Colombia

2021, our integrated e-commerce and marketplace platform launched in Chile.

2022 launched in Peru


IKEA arrived in Chile

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A World Full of Opportunities

We Grow ❤
Together we learn, evolve, and better ourselves with challenges that help us grow every day!

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