At Falabella, we are one big multicultural family. While we work on cutting edge technologies and learn new tech languages, we are also a community invested in the professional and personal growth of all our people and seek to actively nurture their development. We live our values in everything we do, whether work, play, and anything in between. We believe in a flat organization that upholds transparency across the board — this is the foundation upon which we thrive and grow.

One Team. One Vision.

Ashish Grover

Managing Director at Falabella India, who also double hats as Vice President of Digital Retail for the Falabella Group.

I am curious about the disrupting possibilities of the digital frontier and am excited to leverage emerging technologies to drive transformation — especially in the spaces of information retrieval and prediction systems. At Falabella, I have the opportunity to use my skills to make a visible impact on the lives of people and society at large. It is the best time to be a technologist, and Falabella lets me be the best technologist I can be.

Spanish classes

We are immensely proud of our Latin-American heritage. Our Spanish classes help our people at Falabella India collaborate freely across our organization while picking up a new language along the way.

A flair for knowledge

A fervent curiosity and deep rooted love for learning drives everything we do at Falabella –– whether it’s hands on tech sessions, working on cutting edge retail tech, peer to peer learning, or even the certifications and courses that every employee is encouraged to take. The environment at Falabella creates a nurturing environment for employees to pursue their passion to remain relevant in a dynamic digital world.