As a company with a footprint across the globe, we take our responsibilities towards our communities very seriously. Our CSR initiative is built with precisely this in mind. It is a program by which we engage the larger community with impactful positive interventions. Education is a key component of our outreach. We believe it is only through educating our youth that we can ensure sustained progress.

We enable this transformation through our unique ACT approach:

For the time to act is now

From compassion to action

For the causes that matter to you


A digitized, always-on platform that provides volunteering opportunities every month from a curated list of NGOs where you can spend time and share expertise with a cause that resonates with you.

We have collaborated with STEM Learning to set up science centres in schools in an effort to bridge the gap between pedantic knowledge and practical understanding. Apart from financial assistance, we also volunteer time for teacher training programs, interactive classroom sessions, and classroom installation assistance.

As a brand that emphasizes on learning and education, we want to make sure our community is also given this opportunity. This is why we partnered with Christel House Bangalore, to transform the lives of children by helping them learn, improve, and achieve their dreams. By sponsoring education for students, we aim at empowering young minds with a promising future for tomorrow’s world. Falabella also joined hands with Makkala Jagrithi ⁠— an NGO that focuses on creating holistic learning platforms for children. We ensured support for ‘holistic learning from home’ with strong emphasis on student engagement, parent engagement, and teacher empowerment.